Amazon Line Free Grocery Adventures

So yesterday, I read an interesting Facebook post. It said, “I hate everybody in grocery store lines! Everybody!” I doubt she meant any ill-will towards anyone. But it showed her frustration toward long grocery stores lines. Amazon wants to free you. So let me tell you about Amazon line free grocery adventures.

Yesterday, Amazon Go opened a grocery store in Seattle. And what was the hook? First of all, the hook is a line free shopping experience. But how do they pull that off? The store uses senors to track what the customer picked up off the shelf. Then, the customer gets a bill from Amazon (assuming the customer doesn’t put the item back). This includes prepared meals. Therefore, Amazon Go customers will walk away from the store without enduring a long line. Rather, they won’t endure a line at all.

Don’t go looking for an Amazon Go store in your town anytime soon. So far, the only physical Amazon Go store is in Seattle. Furthermore, that one doesn’t open until early 2017. But if this one is successful, Amazon Go will open 2,000 stores nationwide, according to the Wall Street Journal. Amazon says nothing. Some experts say this would make the shopping experience quicker. Also, it would cut cost because you don’t have to hire check out clerks.

That last sentence in that last paragraph though. That’s just one problem with Amazon Go supermarket. If this gets too popular, or too successful, that’s thousands of more Americans without a job. This is not process! Also, you go home, days go buy, you spend your money. You forget about that Amazon Go bill. By the time you get it, your money is gone. What then? In addition to that, doesn’t Amazon have?enough power? Look at all the IT and tech based things they already have. I’m sorry…I hate monopolies. No…I’d much rather have my lines at the grocery store than deal with Amazon Go’s ramifications. At least those lines are keeping Americans employed. Furthermore, at least my grocery bill is due on arrival at the lines. Plus, I know I’m supporting my local/regional business, not a global conglomerate. Would you use Amazon Go?

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