Google Reinvents The Alphabet

Google is not a traditional corporation. They don’t intend to be. So let the crazy train begin as Google reinvents the alphabet.

Well, not exactly, but their new company is called Alphabet. According to Google founder Larry Page, Alphabet is going to be a collection of companies. The way I read it, Alphabet sounds more like a movement than a company. With the intention of raising up strong leadership, Alphabet will appoint a CEO for each company, with Larry Page and Google co-founder Sergey Brin watching over them as they see fit. Stocks will be affected. Alphabet will replace Google as the public entity. All shares will be automatically transferred into Alphabet, with the same rights and rules. Google will be the largest of the Alphabet companies, just a little trimmed down. Examples are Calico (which specializes in medicine, biology, and other life sciences), Drive (which has your cloud storage), Boston Dynamics (building monster Robots), and?Nest (a thermostat company). ?Of course they’re the more known companies like You Tube, Android, and Google Maps. Page and Brin say they chose the name Alphabet because it represents a group of letters that together put together the English language. Together, these Google companies will put together a language called Alphabet…or at least that’s the goal.

I see Alphabet is getting a lot of news today. I may be naive in saying this, but I don’t see the big deal. These companies have already been a part of Google. Now they’re just being part of a company called Alphabet, which is basically Google morphed. Alphabet is even being run by the same people. The stocks may be affected (and from I’m reading, they already are) by this merging, if you want to call it that. It could give CEOs great opportunity to advance that they wouldn’t have otherwise. But I don’t see anything new that Google isn’t already doing. Is Alphabet worth all the media hype?

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