Cyber Bullies Dealt Another Blow

What do Iggy Azalea, Curt Shilling, and James Woods have in common? They’re all celebrities that had to endure cyber bullying in the recent past. Emmy award winner James Woods is putting his foot down and cyber bullies are being dealt another blow.

There is a cyber masked Twitter user calling James Woods a “cocaine addict”. Woods and his lawyers are taking legal steps not only to expose him, but sue the anonymous Twitter user $10 million for defamation. But the mystery Twitter user has lawyers in court fighting to keep his anonymity. According to the New York Times, the Twitter’s name is Abe List. But Woods now has the legal permission to sue Abe List and expose him as well. List’s lawyers say the “cocaine addict” claims aren’t to be taken seriously. Woods’ lawyers reply most readers would accept the allegation as a factual statement. it’s ironic because Woods is regular Twitter user himself and uses the social media site to express politically conservative views. Some of Woods’ tweets have targeted President Barack Obama. ?The other irony is that Abe List isn’t some thug or criminal or angry outcast living in mamma’s basement. Reports say he’s a Harvard educated and works at a Los Angeles private equity firm.

This legal fight is far from over. Neither side seems to be backing down. I know celebrities can be easy targets. First off, they’re in the public eye. Second off, people think celebs are so busy they won’t notice such vile, negative comments and allegations. Third off, many cyber trolls can hide under anonymous names and profiles and never get caught…or so they think. But more and more celebs are fighting back. And that’s another reason we should be careful of what we put on social media. I repeat my general rule of thumb: If you can’t bear to say it to someone’s face, don’t post it. Who will win this lawsuit: James Woods or Abe List?

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