Apple 5C and 5S Going International

Are you surprised by the success Apple 5C and 5S is having in this country? Were you surprised when long, overnight lines formed at Apple stores and other electronic stores all over the US? Let’s see if it happens worldwide.

Between October 25 and November 1, 2013, these 2 devices will be debuting in over 25 countries. On October 25, they will make their debut in nations like Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Russia,Spain, South Korea and Thailand and other European countries. On November 1, they’ll make their presence known in Columbia, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Eremites, and other nations in South America and the Middle East. You can’t deny the positives Apple 5C and 5S, like the colors and design. They’re trying to push new features too, like free Internet radio. Prices will range from $99-$399, depending on the model. For example, a 32 GB model will run someone $399, while someone buying a 16 GB model can expect to pay $299. And of course there’s the new security craze, the Touch ID Scan.

About that touch ID craze: they’ve already proven it’s hackable. Whether it’s as hackable as a password system is, I guess only time will tell. As this become knowledge, they will put a lot of lackluster into these 5C and 5S products. Also, keep in mind many of these companies are in financial turmoil, even more so than the US. I read the unemployment rate in Spain and Greece are in the twenty percentage range. Portugal’s is in the mid-upper teen range. But also keep in mind Apple is the most valued brand in the world right now. So for a brand like Apple, people will scrape and scrap for this smartphone. So I guess numbers overseas could go either way. How do you think Apple 5C and 5S will do in these nations?

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