Trump Hotels Are Hacked!

Seven of Donald Trump’s hotels are hacked! The billionaire/real estate mogul/presidential candidate’s Trump Hotel Collection confirmed certain hotels were hit by cyber attacks. Now, customers’ information could be at risk.

These hotels include Trump SoHo New York City, Trump International New York, Trump International Chicago, and Trump International Hotel and Tower Las Vegas. Seven of the 14 hotels Trump manages have been hit. Trump Hotel Collection stated unauthorized malware access may be the blame. In layman’s terms, hotel guest’s and customer’s credit card numbers, security codes and expiration dates may have been compromised. The breached has reportedly happened between May 2014 and early June 2015. ?Trump Hotel Collection confirmed no person’s information was taken, to the best of their knowledge. But they’re taking major precautions and urging customers to do what they can to protect themselves. The company said that during these months, hackers attacked hotel check-in desks, hotel restaurants, gift shops, and other hotel points where credit cards are often used. The attacks have been reported to the FBI, and hackers involved can face severe prosecution and prison time. Trump Hotel Collection is offering a year of free fraud protection and restoration to any customers whose information was compromised.

Yes, I’m reporting another hacking. But the timing of this one is eerie to me. Someone chose to hack Donald Trump’s hotel franchise at a time when Trump is still leading in the Republican polls. His lead has decreased over the last couple of weeks, but he’s still a political force to be reckon with. So who hacked it and why? Something tells this is more than a just a typical hacking. Maybe I’m sounding paranoid, and no, I don’t have any proof of it, but I smell a mystery in the making. Trump haters have come out the woodwork, especially since his presidential candidacy. Could somebody could have done this to disrupt Trump’s campaign? Could somebody have done this to make Trump look incompetent, something like, “If Trump can’t even run his hotels, how can he run the country?”? Is that the cyber attackers’ spin on this? ?Was this cyber attack politically motivated? Did an anti-Trump person do this?

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