Malware Compromises Google/Android Accounts!

This is a consumer alert. Malware compromises Google/Android accounts! They call the malware ‘Gooligan’. But Gooligan breached around a million Google accounts. Also, the attacks started in August 2016.

As a result, the malware infects these systems. Then, they steal from systems. Systems include Google Docs, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Play, and a handful of others. This is especially relevant because so many people have Google accounts. Furthermore, so many have Android devices. I have one. And so many use these systems. The hackers make money by putting apps on infected phones. The malware takes over after a user unknowingly downloads a Gooligan infected app on a 3rd party app store. Then the malware app takes hold. It sends data to the malware’s server. Consequently, hackers get control of your device.

This mobile attack concerns many cyber security experts. Many say hackers are targeting mobile devices now. Hence, the fact that hackers hit one million Droids concern them. It should concern us too. But for American Android users, there is some good news. Of all the Google systems infected, over half of them come from Asia, about 57%. Another 15% come from Africa, and another 9% come from Europe. The remaining 19% of infected systems come from the Americas. They didn’t specify any nation; they just broke it down by continents.

So I guess we could say statistically, American Droid users might have dodged a bullet. They hacked a million phones. So according to these stats, about 190,000 hacked systems were in North or South America. What I’m trying to say is: this malware attack could have been much worse. I know; I covered?them. But let’s learn a lesson here. Get anti-virus and anti-malware protection for your smartphone! Get it now! It’s just as important as anti-virus on your desktop. Come to think of it, with all we do on our cellphones today, maybe even more so. Don’t think are protection these hackers are going to stop with a million phones. They’ll go on and on. What are you doing to keep your smartphone safe?

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