Android Unknowingly Ships Low Cost Phones

So did Android recently ship a smartphone to you? Then you better go and check it. This isn’t a riddle or joke, but this is a consumer alert. Android unknowingly ships low cost phones.

So according to Avast, these low cost shipped phones have a malware they call Cosiloon. It hides behind ads to trick users into downloading apps they don’t want or need. The kinds of phones in question are ZTE, Archos and myPhone. The Anddrpod has dropper and payload. Dropper is a Trojan that installs malware to a certain target. Then there is payload, the malware part that actually does the dirty work.

But in this case, Avast sees the dropper with two names: Crash Service and Ime Mess. They connect to a website that hackers, not you, want to instill on your phone. Furthermore, once dropper gets on your smartphone, it’s not easy to remove. Because it installs apps through unencrypted HTTP wothout the users’ knowledge or approval. Therefore, there is no way the user can remove the dropper nor payload by him/herself. Because it’s a system app and it’s part of your firmware. In other words, it’s at the core of your machine. Our techs at and near our Boston computer service shop can do it, but that’s another story.

Keep in mind the title. Android unknowingly ships low cost phones. I’m happy they’re at least doing something something about it.? That’s another thing. Our clients often ask, “What is the best way to protect my machine from harm?”. Our IT support experts almost always tell them to use Avast. And here again, Avast proves why we tell them that. Avast is finding and removing these droppers and payloads. In fact, Avast gives instructions on how to take out the dropper on their blog. So once again, we highly recommend Avast. It’s the top anti-virus protection that keeps systems safe. No, they don’t pay us to say it. We say it because it works. But if you don’t have Avast, get some sort of protection. What else can we do to keep safe?

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