What Is Twitter Lite?

Okay, we all know about diet soft drinks. Also, many of us know about light beer. They’re to be lighter and a little healthier than the original. But what is Twitter Lite?

Twitter Lite is a new version of Twitter mobile. But this one avoids slow connections. It also cuts on data use and takes up less of your device. Of course, all of this is according to Twitter. In fact, they say it’s 30% faster than regular twitter. However, it will still include all the regular Twitter goodies, from typical Tweets to profiles. I hope in includes NFL games.

The only thing the consumer needs, is obviously, a smartphone a tablet. The smartphone and tablet need a web browser. Now that we got the basics out of the way, let’s get to new business. Twitter Lite includes a ?data service mode. This reduces the amount of mobile data. They say this reduces data by as much as 70%. They do this because they want to keep your mobile data expenses low. But here is one huge plus for Twitter Lite. It offers offline service. This really comes in handy to a lot of people. Let’s face it: not everyone has a WiFi spot. And it gets annoying asking people, “Do you have WiFi? What’s the password?”

These are all great promises, if they can deliver them. In our Boston computer service shop, we use Twitter quite often. I sure hope Twitter can deliver the goods. They need to. In the past several years, Twitter struggles with a lot of issues. They include falling stock prices, bullying, competition, and Silicon Valley cost of living woes. Like Samsung with the Galaxy 8, Twitter needs to hit this home run out of the park. Can they do it? Will this get more people to use Twitter, or make it easier for them? Or will Twitter Lite leave a bad taste in everybody’s mouth?

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