Introducing Twitter Polls

Today, the tech world is officially introducing Twitter polls. Twitter has been perfecting this venture for a last month or so. Now, it’s time for Twitter polls’ debut.

In the days and weeks to come, Twitter subscribers should prepare to be flooded with polls. For now, many of these polls will simply be ‘yes’ or ‘no’ options. For example: Do you like polls, yes or no. Those that aren’t that simple are two question options. For example, there’s a Twitter poll out saying if Election Day were tomorrow, who would win: Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump (Hilary Clinton won 70-30 percent). Another polls says Watch me: whip/nae-nae or stanky leg (how about neither!?). ?I know these sound like the simplest, dullest, most superficial polls there are, but give it time. Knowing Twitter, we’ll see deeper, more thought provoking, and more engaging polls in no time. At least I hope so. When you vote on a Twitter poll, you won’t be followed. That means your fellow tweeters can’t track your voting habits. That also means marketers won’t be able to push ads on you. This debut comes when Twitter is under changing times. Jack Dorsey is restructuring the company. Twitter is launching other projects like Twitter Moments. Will Twitter polls help the rebuilding process?

We’ll see. But I do hope they come up with more thought provoking Twitter questions though. These yes-no and two choice questions aren’t going to last that long. Twitter users are going to want something more eventually. I can already see advertisers putting up poll questions. They’ll do this because they won’t be able to exploit data for advertising purposes. How addictive will these Twitter polls be? Will you answer one a week? Will you answer one a day? Or will you probably be like the majority of people, and answer several a day and get in heated debates? Isn’t that what Twitter wants?

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