Facebook Employment Booms

Yesterday, I talked about Zoosk and other dating services were cutting employees and laying people off. Some online companies don’t have that problem. Instead, they have the exact opposite.

Facebook employment booms, especially in Seattle. There, their roster has increased to 400 workers and shows no end in sight. In 2012, Seattle Facebook’s office had only 90. Things are going so well for them that they’ve had to expand more floors in their Seattle building just to house the incoming talent. In fact, a Seattle area real estate agent let slip they were looking for floors in the Macy building downtown. Seattle’s technological talent pool is credited for Facebook’s employment boom. “Seattle is just a hotbed of awesome talent,” said Facebook Seattle site leader Paul Carduner.

Not only is Facebook employment on the rise, it’s been said that Facebook is one of the best places to work. So while some online dating services are letting people go, and while many shopping conglomerates are letting people go by the thousands, Facebook is hiring people by the hundreds. Keep in mind they just moved some of there headquarters to Seattle from Silicon Valley not even five years ago. So while may businesses of all aspects struggle, Facebook seems to thrive. What’s their secret?

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