Could Quantam Cryptography Boost Cybersecurity?

Cyber security is one of the biggest concerns in the technical world today. Anyone, from individuals to entire governments can be a victim at anytime. I read an article where the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is warning of a serious cyber attack. Can anything be done?

A team of British scientist are working on it. According to these physicists’, that’s where quantum cryptography?comes in.? You see, quantum cryptography is controlled by physics, not by math. Physics can’t be broken. If two people parties are in communication and a third party wants to break in, he’d have to solve a math problem to do so. But with quantum cryptography, there would be no problem to solve, so the third party couldn’t go hacking. It once took lots of serious hardware to accomplish this, but now, it looks like that is changing.

Imagine that. Imagine exchanging emails or text messages or making a purchase with a device. And an ID thief is on the other side trying to break in and get your financial information. With quantum cryptography, they can’t get in. I can’t guarantee this will stop all cyber security woes. But?while the cyber world is a blessing, it’s getting?increasingly dangerous. I’ve done stories myself?about nations hacking nations, and about the disturbing trend of sextortion. But if this quantum cryptography can at least decrease this threat, isn’t it worth taking a looking into?


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