Xbox One Delayed in China

Imagine a huge technological product coming out. You mark it on your calendar. You take the day off because you’re going to be waiting in line for it. You even have your waiting in line strategy planned. But just days before the big day, you have to postpone such plans.

People all over China are finding themselves in that predicament. The much anticipated Xbox One was supposed to be released in China September 23, 2014. That date has suddenly been postponed. Not only that, Microsoft isn’t saying why. That’s going to add even more anxiety to the situation. They just said in a statement, ” …we are going to need more a bit more time to deliver the best experiences possible for our fans in China.” The statement goes on to hint Xbox One won’t be in China until the end of 2014. The price is expected to be around $600, that’s about 3,700 yuan in Chinese money. They promised those who already ordered will be the first to get the console, whenever the release date may be. They will also get an added bonus. Microsoft is cooperating with 25 game developers and 4,000 retailers in all the metro cities throughout People’s Republic of China.

I don’t know who dropped the ball here, China, Microsoft or both. But I find it interesting that China didn’t even allow foreign based video game consoles in their country until 2000. I find it odd Xbox One is being delayed and no reason is being given. If I didn’t know any better, I think the Chinese government is behind this whole thing. Why do I even talk about China? Well, it’s the fastest growing economy in the world and is fast growing in technological advancement. So for this nation not to get it’s Xbox One on time is worth reporting. Plus, there’s still a lot of censorship in this nation. Could that have something to do with this sudden Xbox delay?

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