Waze Kept Independent, For Now

Now it’s almost time for Waze?to be bought?by Google. Waze is an Israeli based navigation and traffic?app. The purchase will probably be announced and finalized during this week.

As much as $1.3 billion dollars are expected to change hands because of this buy out. Some fear Google will significantly alter or cancel the app altogether. Apparently, they have nothing to worry about. Waze is expected to run as it always has. Though Waze has 47 million users, less than a third are active. This app is known for it’s pristine accuracy. It’s being constantly updated as users are driving. Ironically, Apple made a bid for Waze.

Keeping Waze independent is the best thing Google can do. This app has tens of millions of users around the world, and it praised for running smoothly. Why ruin a good thing? Plus, with Google’s backing, instead of changing Waze, it can expand it. This is a great opportunity to increase active users and users in general. If they can do that, then both companies will get stronger. I can’t believe Apple made a bid for them. I kind of wish they had. It would have saved Apple from one of the most embarrassing blunders, Apple maps, in tech history. But how long will Waze remain independent?


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