Want to Donate to the Relief Effort in Haiti? Read This.

As you?re probably well aware, Haiti just suffered a catastrophic earthquake, leaving their country in ruins and possibly thousands dead. Beyond extending them your thoughts of concern, you can also donate to any number of charitable organizations that are urgently addressing the need arising from this grave situation.

When dealing with charities, it?s best to pay attention to just whom you?re donating to, remaining mindful of their legitimacy. While there are a lot of charitable sources that would appreciate your help,? this tragedy has also unearthed unscrupulous sorts who would take advantage of kind hearts. Below, you?ll find sites to which your donations are welcome, and some information on possible scams you should avoid:

If you really want to help, it?s advisable to send just money ? not stuff. Right now, money is critical, with that financial assistance going towards the replenishment of much needed supplies. If you experiencing some ambivalence over donating funds to organizations you?re not sure about, these resources should allay some of your fears:

  • Charity Navigator assesses organizations and rates them accordingly, listing those services that have received three or four star ratings from their studies (such ratings denote trustworthiness and competency).
  • The Foundation Center is helpful resource that unveils the tax filing and non-profit status of an organization.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti. As more sites become available, we will update you on the best way to donate to the entities now addressing this tragic ordeal.

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