Want to create a repair disc for Windows 7?

Oftentimes, when arriving to a job with a client, our technicians find that the client has either misplaced or lost their Windows repair disc. While our technicians are? still equipped with the tools that a repair necessitates, it’s always helpful if the client has an extra disc lying around.

Though it?s considerably more stable than previous versions of Microsoft?s operating system, Windows 7 is still susceptible to the occasional crash, requiring the creation of a repair disc for those instances when an unanticipated problem is encountered.

Below, you?ll find the necessary steps to take if you wish to create one:

In the Start menu, bring up the search box and enter:

system repair disc

system repair disc startup

Once entered, this command will summon a window that allows you to select the drive in which the creation of this disc will occur. Taking up just a minimal amount of space, a CD ? rather than a DVD ? will suffice.

system repair disc insert drive

Upon its creation, you?ll have in your possession an invaluable tool that will ease the headache of a system crash.

Now, we?ll look at its use.

Again, Windows 7 has received high marks for its stability, but no operating system is immune to the unforeseen emergence of problems that are often the product of either user error or malware.

If a problem arises, insert your repair disc into your drive and boot Windows from it. Select Windows Setup [EMS Enabled]

system repair disc boot screen

Once the boot process has completed, you?ll be able to select various recovery tools or return the computer to a previous system image.

system repair disc recover or image restore

As you see, you?re given a list of options, all them different methods of achieving the same goal: recovery of your system.

system repair disc options

While I hope the state of your computer never reaches this stage, having this disc at your disposal should make things easier if it does.

It certainly helps our technicians when they’re onsite.

Computer Geeks specializes in system recovery, and we?re here to help you along that process.

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