US City Considers Banning Facial Recognition.

So we say a lot about facial recognition around here. It’s a huge part of IT service’s future, whether we like it or not. But it has it’s critics. They complain of things like privacy invasion and racial profiling. In fact, one US city considers banning facial recognition. This city might surprise you.

Because the city I refer to is San Francisco, CA. That’s right. One of the most tech savvy cities in the world is considering banning all things facial recognition. Their Board of Supervisors voted to make a bill banning this. Then, it requires any entity, private or public, to get written approval before buying any kind of this tech. This includes everything from licence plate readers to body cameras.

If this bill passes into law, then San Francisco will be the first city to ban facial recognition. We’ll just have to say. The bill cites civil rights, civil liberties, racial profiling, and religious persecution all as reasons they want to ban this kind of technology. The bill also says it mistakenly identifies people with darker skin. Those who want the ban say it gives the government more control, and not in a good way. It will give them power and control to track people and follow them in their private lives.

However, there are some who support this kind of tech. Some will argue we need this to stop terrorism. Then there are those who argue we need body cams to stop police brutality. Some will even say, “If you’re not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about”. We need to get rid of that saying. Because time and time again, people are going to prison even when they’re not in the wrong. This is one reason why this US city considers banning facial recognition. Will it help?

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