You Tube Goes Offline!

Okay, I’d better clarify that! Since it’s inception in late 2005, You Tube has released countless videos. They now average billions of hours of videos every month. Now, you no longer have to be online to get this phenomenon.

Effective next month, you can save clips on your portable device for 2 days, and you can watch them when you’re offline. Advertisers will still tout their products, which I’m sure is good news for them. You Tube will be still be free for the viewer, which is good news for me and you. For You Tube video producers, they can option out of the offline option. Why would they want to?

No, I don’t see a downside to this at all. You may say, “Everyplace has wi-fi or online access these days.” Not really. Imagine being in a car with three bad kids, and offline You Tube is the only thing calming them down. I know places, like my gym, that doesn’t have online access. Don’t get me started on airplanes, where in many cases, in-flight entertainment is now a fond memory. Offline You Tube will be a true plus over a crying baby or arguing couple or a disgruntle customer complaining to a flight attendant about everything!? This is good for advertisers too. This frees up more space for more companies to hack more products. I know these commercials can get annoying at times. But I’d rather watch the same You Tube commercial 10 times a day then to pay for You Tube out my own pocket! What do you think about offline You Tube?

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