The Daily Routine of Twitter’s CEO

So do you ever wonder what it takes to run a major IT support company? Ever wonder what their day is like, what they eat, what family life is like for them? Well, here is the daily routine of Twitter’s CEO.

So Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently went on a podcast called Ben Greenfield’s Diet, Fat Loss, and Performance. He talks about his lifestyle for physical and mental health, and it is NOT traditional or conventional. Dorsey revels he’s big in hydrotherapy. That’s using water to cure all things that ails you, whether it’s steam baths, or water therapy. He also walks to work and fasts from meals…daily. Keep in mind his walk to work includes five miles a day.

That’s because Dorsey sees food strictly as food…at a time when many Americans, myself included, ‘live to eat’. Also, Doresy believes he needs to burn off that fuel. That’s why he only eats one meal a day…dinner. The health community calls this intermittent fasting. He also meditates at least one hour a day twice a day. At a time when many of us sit in front of screens hours a day, Dorsey uses a standing desk in his office. When he gets home, while most of us ‘Netflix and chill’, he journals and wears an Oura ring to track his sleep.

Let me make this clear. And I think Dorsey would agree with me here. This level of living is NOT for everybody. So I’ll just say it…Don’t try this at home! However, Dorsey believes this gives him the energy he needs to run a multi-billion dollar IT service social media platform. I must admit, it must be working out pretty good for him. It doesn’t come without controversy. Some health experts say intermittent fasting can make your body worse not better, because your body needs food all hours of the day. When you intermittent fast, you deny your body that need. But this is the daily routine of Twitter’s CEO. What daily routine gets you thriving…or keeps you sane and surviving the world in 2019?

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