Tech Apocalypse: Why Are Tech Billionaires Prepping?

Nobody is immune to the troubles of today’s world. Hence, not even those in computer repair and IT support. No, not even tech billionaires and leaders. In fact, many of them already flee a potential tech apocalypse.

So as I write this, there are tech billionaires and Silicon Valley leaders buying land in New Zealand. PayPal founder Peter Thiel is one of the main tech leaders. He bought a 477-acre estate in New Zealand’s Southern Alps region. Furthermore, this estate costs him $10 million. Billionaire hedge fund investor Julian Robertson has land in New Zeland. Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman had laser eye surgery. He believes when the apocalypse comes, there will be no glasses. Then we have former Yahoo exec Marvin Laio. He stocks up on archery and guns to protect his family. And why is Elon Musk so desperate to build colonies on Mars?

In fact, half of all Silicon Valley leaders took out ‘apocalypse insurance’. They’re using this coverage to build a refuge at home and/or find one overseas. So a better question is: Why are they prepping? Many fear a human backlash when robots/AI intelligence takes all the human jobs. ?Some worry about these robots turning on humans altogether. Now that’s a tech apocalypse. Others fear that if the bottom falls out, mobs of the 99% will hunt the super-rich and rob them of everything they have.

And there are other worries. So these include threats of nuclear war, climate change, asteroids/meteorites, radiation, rising racial tensions, increasing political divisions, wealth inequality, civil unrest, and terrorism from groups like ISIS. All of this is happening right before our eyes. Some laugh at this. Others say they’re taking it way too far. But are they onto something? Nearly a quarter of Americans believe the End of Days will happen in their lifetime. Unrest isn’t just in America. In Romania, there were clashes between the police and the masses. Then in France, riots erupted after a handful of officers beat and sodomized a black man. In Germany, someone drove a car into a crowd. Four times in 2017, an asteroid barely missed planet Earth. So are these tech billionaires right? Should we be concerned about a tech apocalypse?

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