Target Buys Alabama Company Shipt

Obviously, Alabama dominates the news today, and not for IT support, either. But I think I should do a blog that involves both Alabama and IT service. So what do I find? Target buys Alabama company Shipt.

Shipt is a same day grocery delivery service. It also uses Google Express and Voice to enhance this experience. However, Target is buying them out for $550 million. Furthermore, it’s all cash. So there’s no confusing stock exchanges. Keep in mind Target is the second most popular retail chain after Walmart (let’s leave Amazon out of this; just for today!). Shipt will still run as it’s own business. However, it will still be under Target’s rule.

Shipt started in Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city. Bill Smith, a Birmingham native, started it in 2014. It took off almost as soon as Smith started it. Smith’s ever increasing family inspired him to start Shipt. Because having groceries delivered is one less thing this father of two has to worry about. Now that it’s under target, deliveries will no longer just includes groceries. But it will now include computer products and electronics. This online service has over 20,000 online shoppers depending on deliveries. With Target, that number will increase. It will increase a lot.

You know I’m not a fan of mergers. But in this case, I take my hat off to Bill Smith. First of all, this would make Smith a hometown hero. This is a man who brings opportunities to his city. That is awesome. Yes, he will keep his job as Shipt CEO. I think it’s a good thing Target buys Alabama company Shipt. Because a few days ago, the UN gave a report that wasn’t nearly as flattering. He here’s to hoping this purchase and this company shatters that report. I’m also thinking: Shouldn’t this merger make as much news as the two politicians are?

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