Super Cell Phone Ads

The Super Bowl is perhaps the biggest advertising day in America. But they’re not stopping with TV ads. This year, a more personal brand of advertising will great fans in grater New York City.

That’s because this year, the NFL [National Football League] has put up wireless transmitters so ads can be sent to your own personal phone. Though they’ve been testing this for months, if successful, this kind of advertising could revolutionize the ad and the smartphone industry. The first waves will start out with practical info and some in-store promotions. But privacy and legal advocates are saying not so fast. They’re concerned of tracking, spamming, and even identity theft.

Now don’t go watching the game tomorrow night expecting a text message from Budweiser, Go Daddy, Macy’s, Pepsi-Cola, or any other major corporations.?These ads will only go to those in Times Square and those watching the game live at Met Life?Stadium in East?Rutherford, New Jersey. That may not?be the case next year. I’m sure if they had their way, our phones will be blowing up with ads not only during this big game, but everywhere every day. I hope the advertisers know how annoying and what a nuisance that can be. And the advocates have a right to be concerned. In the wake of the Target and?Neiman Marcus?breaches,?it’s becoming easier?for hackers to steal IDs and ruin lives every day. They don’t need anymore invitations. But if they?keep it safe and keep it sane, these phone ads can be a good thing.?Come next Super Bowl, if you got a phone ad from any advertiser, who would it be?

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