Space Exploration Trades Publicly

So we all know about the new space race. It’s not the race to the moon anymore, but a race to get civilians into space. There’s also a space race to the NYSE. And now, space exploration trades publicly.

So the first one to do this, surprisingly, isn’t Elon Musk. In fact, the first one to get a space exploration company to trade publicly is Sir Richard Branson. His Virgin Galactic will trade on the NYSE soon and very soon. Thanks to alliances with venture capitalists. Together, with their hundreds of millions of dollars, they’re ready to make this happen. They beat out Musk’s Space X and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin for this honor. Whether it’s an actual honor or dubious honor, well, only time will tell.

Maybe it’s because Virgin Galactic’s top goal is to send tourist into space. Space X’s still works on launching and planet travel. In fact, Musk thinks the Earth’s future is so bleak he wants to eventually build colonies on Mars. Blue Origin also wants to invest in civilian space travel, but they’re now working on gov’t contracts. Meanwhile, Virgin Galactic already has $80 million dollars worth of commitment from people eager to go up in space. It will cost you $250,000 to go to space with Virgin Galactic.

I’d like to congratulate Virgin Galactic for making space exploration trades publicly. But here’s the thing: They’d better be ready to deliver. What does this have to do with IT support? Well, they couldn’t do this without IT. In fact, there would be no Virgin Galactic without IT. Also, many people on this list to go in space are in the IT service industry. That’s my other point. People who want to explore with Virgin, they’re going to hold their feet to the fire until the dream they invested in comes true. And that is rightfully so. Say you invested stocks in Virgin Galactic. You may even paid to go up in space. Wouldn’t you want to see results?

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