Social Media show South Carolina Floods

As you know, South Carolina is under a massive flooding crisis. As of Monday morning October 5, nine people have died. As much as 25 inches of rain has fallen in some neighborhoods and towns. According to Governor Nikki Haley, her state is at a 1,000 year level of rain. That’s no understatement, and social media is capturing these floods.

Twitter has been instrumental in reporting this weather phenomena. Meteorologist Jim Cantore tweeted about a low pressure system that’s causing the massive rains. One of the hardest hit areas is Columbia, the state capital and largest city. The University of South Carolina, located in downtown Columbia, tweeted about open health centers to tend to the sick and port-a-pottys available just in case power and plumbing were out. Ordinary citizens have taken pictures of homes and neighborhoods being flooded. There’s even a picture tweet of deer swimming toward higher ground. A drone captured the devastation of one eastern South Carolina town and the bad choices people can make in floods, like driving into lots of still water. In Lugoff, South Carolina, a video captures a wall of water emptying into neighborhood. In Summerville, South Carolina, another social media video captures local firefighters rescuing a women, her three children and their pet. In Charleston, people are seen wading through flooded waters. And on You Tube, the National Weather Service put out a video urging driving safety in such conditions, telling motorists to, “Turn around, don’t drown”.

On Facebook, family and friends in affected areas are communicating their safety and well being to others. And government officials are using social media urging people not to even be on the roads. Social media is also being used by non-profits and charities informing people of how they can help. What modern technology and social media are doing is bringing the story home through personal experience. It’s also a powerful tool in bringing critical information and safety precautions. How can social media help you?

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