Scientist Look at the ‘Like’ Article Phenom ‘Like’ on Articles Examined

Have you ever read an article?online that caught your fancy? So you like the article and even share the article. Scientist say your friends will probably?like, comment, or even share it.

If you ‘like’ an article, chances are someone will approve. But even if you show dislike for an article, it probably won’t spur others to like it. They’re studying online articles and conclude a positive comment or even a like can have a great ripple effect. The study shows people tend to herd toward popular things, no matter bad that thing might really be. In the study, a website submitted some articles. Readers comment, liked, or disliked the article, and other people’s comments. People who saw the positive comments and thumbs up were more likely to give an article a positive comment themselves.

I guess that explains quite a bit. It kind of makes me wonder about some things about pop culture. Do people like certain things because it’s good, or because it’s popular? Same thing with these articles online. I’ve read articles where all people do is rant, rave and curse and it gets lots of positive reactions. I’ve read very thoughtful, dignified articles that get negative or no responses at all. I shouldn’t be surprised. Look at what passes as popular TV today. What does this say about us today?

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