Remembering Steve Jobs

Today, two years ago, Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away. Let’s count some of the ways his peers are remembering him.

Apple co-founder and current CEO wrote a letter to his to his company honoring Jobs’ legacy. He also tweeted about their long friendship. In Cook’s letter, he tells employees about Jobs’ vision and leadership. Cook told them to honor Jobs’ work by continuing on with his work and vision. Andy Grignon, a senor engineer at Apple, also reflected. In the New York Times, one can read Grignon’s story about iPhone development. Gringnon was in charge of radio development of the iPhone. What I got from Grignon’s article was the Jobs’ and the company’s nervousness and excitement at the same time. They knew they were on the verge of something revolutionary, but were cautionary optimistic.

Both of these accounts capture Jobs’ innovation, creativity, and sometimes ruthless attributes as a businessman. We all know by now he wasn’t perfect, especially when it comes to family issues. Some say? his business practices were questionable. But you can’t argue with successful results. Cook and Grignon bring the human and business side of Jobs and do it with style. What would Jobs say about the things that have happened since his October 2011 passing. What would he say about the NSA revelations? What would he say about the iPhone 5S? What would he say about his company named most valuable in the world? If Steve Jobs were alive today, would he approve or disapprove of the way Apple is going today?

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