PageZipper zaps those clicks

When browsing the web, I?m sure you?ve encountered a website that?s little more than an a stream of pages connected by the ?NEXT? hyperlink. Especially when looking at a photo gallery.

While some people might have no problem subjecting themselves to the ritual of clicking ?NEXT,? ?over and over, others would gladly welcome another way that cleverly groups those pages in a near seamless fashion. Well never fear Computer Geeks is here! We have found an easy way to get rid of the vaunted procedure of clicking “NEXT” over and over again!

Making that clicking into the mere scroll of your mouse, PageZipper merges every page into just one, substituting the scrollbar for the endless hyperlinks.

Here’s a demo:

PageZipper can be used as either a Firefox extension or a bookmarklet (an application stored as a bookmark in your web browser).

Completely free and easy to use, PageZipper can be downloaded here.

Having issues downloading or setting up PageZipper? Contact us via email or call our friendly Geeks at 800-433-5435. We are here 7 days a week to help you.

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