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Imagine going out to dinner. You order the appetizer, entree, desert, maybe a couple of drinks. Then comes the awkward time to pay the tab and you’re scared of the damage you’ve done, more so if you’re paying for someone else or other people’s tab. Open Table is here to help.

Submitted for your approval is the Open Table’s payment feature app. It allows you to pay your bill, even the tip, with your smartphone device and the waiter doesn’t even have to give you the bill. Don’t go doing this everywhere. It’s only available in New York City. It’s only available at 45 restaurants in New York City. What the customer does is make the reservation, through Open Table, and open the app when they’re ready to pay (kinda like how I paid for coffee this morning). Open Table will email you the receipt. Sorry, this app can’t do split tabs. By the end of 2014, Open Table hopes to have the payment feature app functioning in 20 major U.S. cities. They’re not the first to venture into this. Cover is an app that lets you pay on your smartphone device. Not only that, Cover lets you split the bill.

You hear that, Open Table? I sometimes go out with a group of people to a restaurant. Sometimes a bill has to be split so the burden doesn’t fall on one person. Remember that. Other than that, I say this is a good app. It takes a lot of embarrassment away. Imagine when the check comes and not having enough cash or enough on your card. It lets you leave a little earlier too. I think it’s good for servers. It saves them time and energy, and they know they’re going to be paid. Have any of our New York City friends use this app?

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