Norway Shuts Off Radio

Since the 1930s, ?AM/FM radio has connected our world. It has given us music, sports, news, entertainment, and memories to last a lifetime. One European nation now vows to shut off this historic medium.

Norway’s Minister of Culture announced all FM radio will cease in 2017, and will be replaced by digital radio. A system called Digital Audio Broadcasting will take FM’s place and is expected to provide more diversity and quality. And the numbers seem to back that promise up. Over half of Norwegians already listen to digital radio. Digital radio provides Norway with 22 channels. Their FM system provides only five. Norway is the first nation in the world to outright abandon FM for DAB, other nations are in Europe and Asia are switching to DAB. Keep in mind FM radio was patented in 1933, so we’re saying goodbye to an 80+ year tradition.

I remember stories of my grandparents listening to Brooklyn Dodger games on radio. I remember my parents telling me stories of AM radio. When I was a kid, I listened to FM radio, had favorite stations and favorite DJ personalities. I know I’m giving away my age, but sometimes I’d record FM radio shows and songs onto blank cassettes (don’t judge me!). That was then, this is now. Here in the USA, while 90% of still listen to traditional radio weekly, it’s obvious more people are tuning into Internet radio and streaming services. I think the only thing that’s keeping FM radio in business is the car. Even radio talk show personalities are switching to the Internet. Instead of waking up and turning on the radio, I turn on my iPod touch, or my desktop. I’m not the only one. In fact, most people I know turn on their device instead of the radio. How long will it be before the US switches from FM to digital radio?

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