MyFoodapedia lists what’s in that meatloaf


Nowadays, we?re concerned with what we?re consuming, as we?re reminded daily of the potential dangers inherent in the use of certain ingredients in the food we eat. If you?re one of the many who?d like an explanation of the nutritional composition of what you?re eating, the USDA Center for Nutrition has an informative resource that delivers a thorough rundown of the components that go into your food.

It?s called MyFoodapedia, an online database that lists the nutritional value for all types of food.

After visiting this website, you will see a field in which you can enter the treat you?re searching for, your input resulting in feedback that includes an assortment of potential matches to what you?re inquiring about. Additionally, it?ll give you examples of recipes that include the food you?re inquiring about. Should you have your own recipe, you can enter all of ingredients you?ll be using, and MyFoodapedia will list the nutritional information for every facet of the dish you?re preparing.

If you?ve become more mindful of what you put on your plate, visit MyFoodapedia and take a look at just what it is you?re eating.

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