Motorola Xoom: flash fail!

Xoom Flash Fail
Some people have been awaiting the arrival of the Motorola Xoom, a possible alternative to the iPad. Well it looks like those people who wanted the Xoom so bad will have to wait for one little thing. Well maybe it?s actually a big thing. It will ship on February 24th with NO flash support. If you look above at the Verizon sheet for the Xoom in very small print you will see * Adobe Flash expected Spring 2011. So you won?t have to wait very long to get flash support but shouldn?t the Xoom had been prepared for this? This was supposed to slay the iPad and be its first real competition. Yet it won?t have flash at launch. So maybe the only positive thing to come of this is that people using the Xoom won?t have to worry about annoying flash ads popping up while surfing the web.

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