Life in a Chinese iPhone Factory

Apple and China have what I call a strange relationship. Some Apple‘s services are being censored by the government. Yet, Apple gives China many jobs, like iPhone factories. A Yahoo blogger visited and reported on many such a factory.

The report and the pictures are pretty alarming. The pictures were taken at a secretive iPhone factory that has around 50,000 workers. The factory is in Shanghai and the factory is the size of 90 football fields. This facility creates Apple products that are shipped and sold around the world. Their rigorous routine starts even before checking in. Forget punching a clock or answering a roll call: These employees enter the facility using facial recognition checks. Then after they walk through the doors, their IDs are scanned by an iPad. Metal detectors and other spy equipment are used to spy and catch anyone trying to spill potential secrets of the plant. Every worker is subjected to a uniform that consists of blue hats, pink jackets and black pants. They stand at attention like they’re in the military. A supervisor checks their name off a list. Employees head to their production line in single file. When this blogger was admitted inside to take pictures, it was the first time a Western journalist was allowed in the facility.

I don’t know how long their hours are, or how low their pay is, but I’m guessing this iPhone factory gig isn’t a dream job. ?There have been accusations of abuse and exploitation, though nothing can be proven. But of course the Chinese gov’t run media isn’t going to report on anything like this. If this is such a happy factory, then why do they have safety nets to prevent suicide attempts? According to statistics, only 30% of Americans like their job. Learning about this, I’ve developed a new appreciation for mine. I don’t have to endure facial recognition tests, metal detectors and background checks day after day. Don’t you appreciate your job more? Does it make you think where your iPhone came from?

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