iPhone6 Schematics Possibly leaked

You hear it out there in the wind every time a new iPhone is coming out, “it’s gonna have a bigger screen!” In the end, Apple makes the screen .01 inches bigger and tells you that it is because the measurements are ideal to fit in your hand. The iPhone6 comes with the same rumors, BIGGER SCREEN. But we have an image of claimed Foxconn schematics of the iPhone6 with a 4.7 inch screen. This makes it far more comparable to the HTC One M8?and the Galaxy S5. The picture below shows the comparable rumored size courtesy of another tech blog.

phone compare 1024x532 If these schematics are real, then the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 is nearly the size of the HTC One M7

Although it will still be slightly smaller than those two, we here at our Boston office are a mixed bag of iPhone, HTC and Galaxy users, each one claiming superiority. But the one constant has been that the iPhone always had a tiny screen, now the difference is fairly insignificant, that argument will be out the door with the iPhone6. Not only will the iPhone6 apparently have a larger screen, but should end up 1mm thinner than it’s competitors giving it a more dynamic feel.

Now I will warn everyone not to get too excited, as we have been duped before. I know I was excited about the iPhone5 only to find out the major revelation was that they put the headphone jack on the bottom so I can’t use my Beats By Dre headphones without breaking my Otterbox on the bottom or buying an extension (thanks for nothing Apple) We will all have to wait for the rumored September 9th press conference where we are assuming they will unveil the new iPhone6 and all our prayer can be answered, or all our hopes and dreams crushed like we were 5 year olds who were jilted by Santa…..

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