Instagram Gets Baseball Player In Trouble

Okay, who doesn’t love social media these days? But next time you’re on it at work, please know and obey their social media use policy. But right here in Computer Geeks’s hometown of Boston, MA one baseball star had to learn the hard way.

Boston Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval was benched Wednesday for liking photos of women on Instagram. Sandoval did this in the middle of a baseball game in which his team faced the Atlanta Braves. A Red Sox blogger noticed the likes. With Instagram, the activity time tells when you liked a picture. One of Sandoval’s followers called him out on it saying, “Not to blow up the dude’s spot, but uh…is Pablo Sandoval on Instagram during the game?” Using social media during baseball games is a violation of Boston Red Sox rules and Major League Baseball rules. This includes the restroom, where Sandoval was when he logged on Instagram. Though the Red Sox benched him for that game, he could face further discipline from MLB. Sandoval issued a public apology for this action. In case you’re wondering, the Red Sox lost that game, 5-2. That’s one of their eight losses in the last 10 games. The Red Sox are currently last in their American League East division and second to last in the American League. I say all that to prove Sandoval’s mistake is the last thing the Red Sox need right now.

So let this be a lesson to us all. First of all, know the social media policy wherever you are. Keep in mind social media often tells on you. Obviously it tells people what you said, and that can’t be taken back. But it often tells when you said it and sometimes where you said it. Sandoval tried to be slick and Instagram in the restroom, but even that backfired. Do you have any stories of getting caught using social media when or?where you shouldn’t have?

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