Google Voice pushes telecommunications forward.


A renowned pioneer in web technology, creating the most popular search engine in use today, Google stands at the forefront of companies pushing towards a future that is tied to the rapidly evolving world of the internet.

With some of the most brilliant minds at work beneath their roof, the services resulting from their ingenuity have fundamentally changed how we communicate with one another. From Gmail to Google Wave, to products from competitors who’re invariably playing “catch up,” evidence of this company?s forward-thinking innovation abounds.

One of their more interesting services is Google Voice, a telecommunications marvel that extends users a unique phone number from Google, to which any calls to your actual phone ? or, if you so choose, multiple phones — will be transferred.

How it works:

  • User creates (assuming it isn?t taken) a new phone number or selects one from a pool of numbers made available by Google.
  • Once the Google Voice number has been selected, inbound calls to that number will be forwarded to the assigned phones.

As an example, take the following scenario as testament to the convenience afforded by Google Voice:

While in the kitchen fixing dinner, you?re awaiting a call from your brother about your sister-in-law?s pregnancy, knowing that she?s due any minute. Your cell phone, which is your primary means of communication, is upstairs. Yet, your home is also outfitted with a land line, with one phone located just a foot away from the kitchen counter. Not knowing if you?re home or not, your brother excitedly dials your Google Voice number, resulting in his call being forward to every phone assigned to it ? including your land line.

With configuration requiring just a few steps, use of this service is that easy, gathering our disparate modes of telecommunication under the umbrella of Google Voice.

Additional features include:

  • Voicemail
  • Call History
  • Conference Calling
  • Call blocking
  • Voice transcription (translating your voice mail into text messages)
  • Call transitioning, which allows you to migrate from one phone to next in the midst of a call.

Google now allows you to use your existing phone number with Google Voice, a feature that was only just announced. Your existing number can be used in tandem with a new Google Voice number. To read more about this new feature, visit here

For those of you who’re interested in taking advantage of this service, you can request an invite today.

Computer Geeks prides itself on educating you about the daily advances introduced to this world in which our company continues to grow. If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact one of us.

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