Google sued by VoIP Inc. over theft of trade secrets

Google is being sued by a company VoIP inc. for allegedly stealing trade secrets related to an online voice technology. Apparently this stems from a contract signed in 2005 in which VoIP agreed to provide Google with its patented ?Click to call? technology. This technology is supposed to give users the ability to contact companies and advertisers with a click of a button. As of right now VoIP could use the money as they are currently going through Bankruptcy.

It seems that Google entered into a joint venture with eBay and Skype in 2006 related to the type of service that VoIP was supporting Google with. Google did break the agreement in 2007 claiming they had breached the nondisclosure agreement by mentioning that Google was their client. However VoIP said that by them terminating the agreement was ?a pretext? to give the company an opportunity to exploit VoIP?s confidential information. This included source codes, algorithms and the ?know how? for monetizing internet calls in the dealings with eBay and Skype.

If you want to know the latest on the case it filled under the New York Supreme Court, No. 650380/2011. We will see if the Google giant can withstand this lawsuit. Only time will truly tell.

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