Getting to Know Sundar Pichai

Do you know Sundar Pichai? You should. In August 2015, he was named the Chief Executive Officer of Google, the most popular and powerful company in the world today. Shouldn’t we get to know somebody like that?

He attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. He was so incognito that very few people recognized him. This is despite Pichai being one of the biggest tech heavyweights of our time. He seemed to enjoy it that way. In 2015, Pichai led a restructuring of the company and helped form Alphabet. His leadership in that restructuring is what helped get him to CEO. Something tells me Pichai is going to be Google CEO for a long time. Google alone made 74.5 billion dollars in revenue. It also owns powerhouse franchises like You Tube and Android. Think about how many billions of people use these products and services on a daily basis. I’m using Chrome right now. Google has had their share of trials and tribulations, just like any company. When Prism came out, people wondered were Google and the NSA in cahoots. They’ve dealt with protesters in Silicon Valley, complaining about wealth inequality and exploitation. They’ve been in courts with Europe over antitrust allegations.

One thing I admire about Pichai is his humility. The fact that he could attend a conference and not be mobbed says something about his character. He should keep that up. He said he wants to be the nice guy in the tech world. This is how you do it. Pichai is concerned about with lack of technology in his home nation of India. For example, only 26% of the people of India own a smartphone, compared to 70% of Americans. Some would say this is strictly for business reasons, since India has one of the fastest growing economies in the world and Pichai wants a piece of the action.?That’s part of it. Let’s not be naive.?But I think Pichai sincerely wants his nation to catch up with the rest of the world technologically. Should more tech leaders follow Sundar Pichai’s example?

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