Former Microsoft CEO May Purchase Basketball Team

The LA Clippers has been a well talked about NBA team. Not because of it’s play, but because of scathing, racist comments made by soon to be former owner Donald Sterling. Whose going to be the next owner?

According to ESPN, an agreement has been made and signed to sell the embattled basketball franchise to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for $2 billion. This isn’t Ballmer’s first attempt at NBA ownership: He tried to purchase the hapless Sacramento Kings and move them to Seattle. Ballmer says he’s honored at this new opportunity and vows to help the Clippers keep their winning ways and better serve greater Los Angeles. But not so fast: According to Donald Sterling’s attorney, there can be no deal until Sterling himself signs. I wouldn’t hold my breath for that one.

Whether Sterling has to, or will agree to, Ballmer owning the Clippers remains to be seen. He has to get 80% of approval from other NBA owners. I doubt this will be a problem. Many in the sports world are looking forward to Ballmer owning the Clippers. Magic Johnson tweeted this as a big win for the franchise and the city. I think most fans are saying that too. I don’t know what kind of owner Steve Ballmer will be. He has some experience with the NBA. He seems to be respected among the sports community. And Ballmer owning the Clippers will speak well for Microsoft that one of their own is now thriving in the sports world. And let’s face it: anything is better than what the Clippers are dealing with now. I read a poll that said Mr. Sterling was now the most hated man in America. Do you think Ballmer will move the team out of LA (he insists he won’t do so)?

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