Finding Perfect Protection: is it Possible?

If you have a PC, then you have a problem. It comes with the package when you first open up the box and plug in your computer. You cannot escape it, this inevitable attack on your privacy is something we all have to live with, but is there protection out there that will totally 100% stop thieves and hackers from messing with our computer?

Opinions vary on this issue, some think the idea preposterous and others are more sure of an anti-virus security that is able to protect the computer.

It all depends on what kind of security software you are using. Beware: just because a software like Norton or McAfee comes built-in and ready to go on a new computer does NOT mean that it is a good choice in protection. There have been a lot of complaint recently about this conundrum of having to deal with all these programs that are already installed on the computer, and cannot be removed. So what do can you do to find the right software?

Research. Read blogs like this one. Educate yourself, knowledge of which security programs work and which suck ultimately comes down to experience. In the case of internet and computer security, hearing about other people’s experiences with certain anti-virus software and how they either saved them or failed them is important information to people like you and me who might be clueless.

Let’s look at the record.

Firewall does not always protect your internet from being invaded by hackers, especially Windows firewall. In the past this has not worked, so check the record, for the future do not put your PC at risk by settling on a crappy firewall service. Firewall comes from the original lack of internet security back in the 80’s when the Morris Worm spread its way to thousands of computers shutting them down because there was unlimited access.

Firewall was introduced to restrict access. It acts as a traffic check, looking at all the communication coming into the computer and seeing if it matches with its own protocol. Web browsing, remote printing, email transmission, and file transfer are common forms of traffic that are stopped at the firewall. If it does not recognize the packet of information in the files coming in, it will ask you for permission to let it into your system.

For example: you just installed a business application that needs access to the internet in order to get updates. In order for this program to work properly, you need to give it the okay to access the internet, a box appears with yes or no. Firewall is very important in protecting your computer against attacks.

Best Anti-Virus Software

If you are cheap like me, then you are looking for the best anti-virus software that has the magical four lettered word attached to it: FREE. For this I choose Avira AntiVir Personal, where a lot of people chose this option based on its virus scan engine called “Luke Filewalker”. Very clever, they deserve a round of applause for that one! Unfortunately, as is the case with free programs, it lacks what you could get with the premium package. There is no email protection, parental controls, anti-spam, or firewall with the free program.

I recommend downloading Comodo’s Free Firewall to bolster the defenses along with Avira to make sure your computer is completely safe. To answer the debate about perfect protection? The answer lies in what steps you are willing to take against attackers by paying money for software or finding security programs that are free and can do what you need them to do so you can go along your way without worries.

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