Ethical Artificial Intelligence: Is This Even Possible?

So some of you followed me for years. Then you know how cynical I am about the AI (artificial intelligence) boom. If you don’t then look at this TED talk. However, Google CEO Sundar Pichai insists his company can run AI with integrity. Ethical artificial intelligence: Is this even possible?

First of all, he promised Google AI benefits society. He says the benefits will outweigh the disadvantages. I wish he said how and gave further detail. Furthermore, he assured Google AI’s safety to and for the public. They boast about how their AI doesn’t break stuff. They also boast on their organizations that continue to research AI ethics.

We all have this image of robots running a muck and destroying the entire human race. Google says that won’t happen on their watch. Because Google’s AI will have human control and direction. And if the AI goes crazy, then a qualified human will correct the problem. Speaking of humans, Pichai insists all Google AI scientists have met the highest of Google standards. And you have to give Google credit for this one. They’re more transparent than other IT service companies. For example, they have AI research places on universities in the US and Canada. They even formed alliances with other IT support companies to ensure ethical artificial intelligence.

All of this sounds good on paper, especially coming from one of the most powerful tech leaders around today. But I’m still skeptical. Even today, we see AI take our jobs. We also see the disturbing trend of people marrying and having sexual relationships with robots. Pichai talked about AI benefits. But he never explained the benefits in detail. But most of us know the disadvantages. In fact, we already see it. They even want AI to solve our social, political, racial, cultural and generational divide. I will believe it when I see it. Ethical artificial intelligence: Is this even possible?

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