Congress Allows Cellphone Unlocking

Yesterday I talked about European governments intervening on technological issues. Today, I learn the Federal government has addressed the issue of cell phone ‘unlocking’.

The House of Representatives passed legislation allowing people to unlock cell phones and? switch from one carrier to another. Both parties, consumer advocate groups, and even the wireless industry backed the legislation. This bill, called the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, would counter act the 2012 decision of the Librarian of Congress. That 2012 decision says anyone who unlock their phone to switch providers after their contract ends would violate copyright laws. So the barrier of switching carriers is broken.

This is a huge step in the right direction. Can you imagine being in legal trouble just because you wanted to change your phone carrier, especially if the previous carrier treated you wrong? President Obama praised this action, saying this gives Americans choices and better flexibility. And this goes to show Congress can actually get things done. You know, Americans’ view of Congress over isn’t very high. But this shows when, or should I say if, our elected leaders can put partisan differences aside, and put the needs of the people first, things can get done that will actually benefit the people. What more bills can be passed with this kind of cooperation?

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