Computer Repair in Boston – A Commentary on Consumerism

In this day and age, computers are becoming more and more a necessity than a luxury. Nowadays, you can go to a department store and buy a cheap computer for as little as $300. The problem is that most consumers do not live by an old adage, which is you get what you pay for.

Which begs the question: How much should I actually be spending on a new computer? That question can only be truly answered by you and what you plan on doing with your machine. You have people who just want to play games like solitaire and surf the Web and check email and think a cheap $300 department store computer will do. Which in fact, it probably would, but I wouldn’t bank on it lasting more than the warranty period. We need to educate the consumers on what they should be spending on a computer based on their needs. It is true that computers aren’t made like they used to be. Most computers have an average shelf life of 3-5 years, and that is based off getting quality machines. The basis of a quality machine will most likely run you between $500-800, without a monitor.

Computer Geeks does computer repair in Boston and has helped hundreds of consumers find the right computer for their needs. Not only that, but we offer onsite computer repair if something ever happen to those machines. With the consumers that have purchased the $300 computer, they feel as though it is not worth fixing their machine, so they would typically opt to get a new one. But what about the data they have stored on that machine? How do they get it off to the new computer they purchased? When a person comes to Computer Geeks in such a dilemma, we explain to them the ability to get a quality machine and go over what we must do to try and get the data off their old machine. If a client believes that the cost may be too great for their pocket, Computer Geeks offers a plan to help the consumer. This plan is known as the diamond plan.

If you’re interested in a new computer, please feel free to call Computer Geeks at 800-433-5435. If you’re interested in saving some money, please look at our diamond plan page for more information on how to save on the cost of our onsite service.

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