Big Tech Should Focus More On Community Good

So it’s been several weeks since New York City kicked Amazon’s second headquarters to the curb. The debate between should they stay or should they go is intense. But I tell you one thing: Big tech should focus more on community good.

I think that’s the lesson here. Because remember, Amazon asked the city for billions for this to happen. When Amazon asks this, they should know the public outcry will be loud. People from union leaders to congressmen spoke against it, to the point Amazon had to respond…by leaving. Also, Arlington VA, Amazon’s other city, wants community initiatives, that Amazon will pay for, for them to set up shop on ‘National Landing’. Will they?

I hope so. Here are two more finalist cities for Amazon: Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Austin, TX. They gave Amazon no tax breaks. No wonder why we never heard from these cities again in the Amazon race. But many IT service giants are getting the message. Look at Microsoft. They’re investing $500 million in low-income and middle class housing. I wish more Boston area IT support giants did the same. Because everywhere you look in this city, condos for the rich are going up, while the homeless and poverty rate skyrockets. So kudos to Microsoft. Also, kudos to Uber. They’re building new facilities in Toronto, but doing so with the promise of community responsibility. I hope they keep that promise.

Also, keep in mind the times we’re living in. Wealth inequality in this country is at it’s highest since the 1920s. And when people read about how Amazon and Jeff Bezos paid NO?taxes this year. No wonder why so many people are so angry with big tech today. Yes, I am thankful for all big tech gave us. Our life wouldn’t be the same without them. But they can’t keep having the party all we get is the hangover. This is why big tech should focus more on community good. Am I asking too much here?

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