It?s no secret there are many more cases of diagnosed autism in children today. These children need much more attention in order to overcome the challenges that they face with this disorder, and now the old saying ?There?s an app for that,? will allow parents to use apps in order to assist their children in a whole new way.

Brain Power, a Cambridge, MA, start up, has developed Google Glass apps to help assist autistic children with developing their social skills, and communication skills, while providing much needed feedback to their parents, teachers, or caregivers. Developed by neuroscientist Ned T Sahin, Google Glass (Empowered Brain Suite for Autism), focuses on the use of games and paly in order to teach autistic kids to interact with their parents and others. Apps helping autism is kids will not only aid children and their caregivers, but also assist and encourage autistic kids with making eye contact, and also give teachers and parents feedback on how well the children are engaging with other by utilizing social engagement monitors. This is crucial when evaluating a child?s progress.

Google Glass is an ideal app helping autistic kids, as it has a chip which enables head gestures, which then allows data to be recorded on how often the children are engaged with their parents, and how much progress they are making with looking at their parents or other caregivers. Google Glass also plans to explore language in the future, by identifying an object, then speaking it through an ear bud that the child wears.


Needless to say, using play, games, and fun activities with children has always been a valuable educational tool, and it has now become even more useful when trying to encourage children with disabilities. Way to go Google Glass! We here at Computer Geeks salute you! Smartphone apps have now become a tool that can change the life of a child with disabilities, and improve how they function in life later on.

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