Apple and Google CEO’s Lose Favor

So job search and career development website Glassdoor?came out with their most popular CEO’s. Apple and Google, two of the biggest IT service companies, are here. But it’s not good news for them.? Because Apple and Google CEO’s lose favor.

Apple CEO Tim Cook dropped a whopping 43 points in the ratings. That’s the lowest drop of any CEO since they started doing this list. Then you have Google CEO Sundai Pachai, who also dropped a lot in these polls. They did these ratings by anonymously asking employees what they think of their CEO. Pichai went from 17th to 45th place. But that’s good compared to Cook. Cook went from 53rd to 96th.

Do you really want to add salt to these wounds? Think about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Think about all the scandal and controversy his company faced over the last couple of years.? However, his popularity points only dropped 6 places. Life just isn’t fair, is it? So why did Apple and Google CEO’s lose favor? Some insiders say Apple’s intense culture of secrecy creates a lot of stress and fear among their employees. Complaints of long hours and them calling you to work at anytime don’t help, either. But what about Google, and why their big drop in just a year? With Google, employees complained about company politics, favoritism, and an increasing corporate culture.

However, it’s not all bad news for Apple and Google. Because their approval ratings are still in the 90’s. The average CEO is 69%. In fact, most if not all IT support CEO’s are about average. That says something about our industry as a whole. Yes, our industry has turbulence. But as long as we’re on Earth, every industry will have some turbulence sometimes. No industry or line of work is going to be perfect. And even among consumers, I head more complains about Apple than about Google. So what do you think Sundar and Cook can do to improve these numbers?

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