Amazon Sells Alcohol

Here is a fascinating article. Amazon wants to get into the alcoholic beverage delivery business. Looking at the stock market and other issues lately, many will probably flock to this service.

Thanks to Amazon‘s Prime Now, you can now get your beer, wine, even hard liquor delivered just within two hours after you order it. For now, this service is available in the Seattle area. Internationally, London has been offering this service since June. The Prime Now service is available in nine US cities, including parts of Seattle, New York City and San Francisco. The service is only available to Amazon Prime Members, in which you have to pay $99 a year for. On top of that, if you want your booze in one hour, you’ll have to pay an additional $7.99. Two hour deliveries are free. One can only take advantage of this through the Amazon Prime Now mobile app. Amazon isn’t the only one delivering same day alcohol. Online startups like Minibar and Drizly offer same day alcohol delivery service. Drizly even offers their services in Seattle. Right off the bat, Amazon Prime Now has competition in Seattle. Speaking of major US cities, Amazon refused to mention which cities could be next to get their alcohol delivery.

I think I can be of assistance. If New York and San Francisco are Amazon’s top delivery services, then you should start there. I’m sure they’re a lot of traders on the NYSE that could use this service right now. I’m happy Seattle has competition to keep them in check. I can only hope other cities do too. Can your city benefit from Amazon alcohol delivery? Or should your city avoid the delivery service?

Disclaimer: We at Computer Geeks do not necessarily approve or condemn this service. However, if you do choose to use such services, please do so legally and responsibly. Don’t become a statistic!

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