Amazon Payment Systems

This year, Amazon has created many ways to expand it’s empire, from drones to grocery delivery services. They’ve created their own credit card reader system, geared toward small businesses and to compete against systems like Square. It turns out they’re only scratching the surface.

Now they’re planning their own in-store payment system. They’re trying to make it easier for brick-and-motor shops (stores with physical presence and transactions between real people) to sell with Amazon. Meanwhile, Amazon shoppers can get their merchandise the same day it was paid for. The shippers’ job would be shortened greatly. If Amazon can convince business owners to use their in-store payment system, this could change everything for everybody. One way this could happen is the customer reserves the product on and they go to the physical store to pick it up. Or, customers see what they like, buy it at the store, and have it delivered the same day. As expected, Amazon personnel are being hush about this potential system. Wouldn’t want to spill too much too early. And whose to say this system will ever launch at all?

First and foremost, Amazon needs to start building trust relationships with these business owners. Nobody is going to do anything with you or for you unless they trust you. I would aim for mid-level businesses. Major corporations will probably be harder to coax into this system. Small businesses may not have the power or will to carry such a system. Nothing of this magnitude will happen quickly or suddenly. I doubt you will see Amazon’s in-store payment system anytime in 2014. This could do a lot of people a lot of good. Businesses could get more revenue through Amazon. Customers can get their product faster than waiting days for shipping. But could this system hinder small businesses and their systems?

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