Amazon Groceries vs. San Francisco

A while ago, I talked about Internet giant Amazon going into another business: groceries. Not only is this for real, it’s also expanding.

This week, Amazon launches a grocery delivery service in San Francisco/Oakland area. This service is already going strong in Seattle and Los Angeles. Apparently, it’s going strong enough to expand.? The service is called Amazon Fresh. It will cost $299 annually. This price includes prime membership and promises fresh meats, produce, dairy and breads to be delivered either the same day of order or the very next. The customers shops off their grocery list online. However, Amazon Fresh isn’t without it’s competitors. Instacart has grocery deliveries in cities like Chicago and Boston. Walmart also has a grocery delivery service.

The way I feel about Walmart and all the shady practices they’ve been doing, I hope Amazon Fresh knocks Walmart’s socks off and puts them out of the grocery delivery business! I’m totally rooting for Amazon Fresh on that one! Now that I got that rant out of the way, Amazon is being really smart on how they approach this. The fact that it started in LA, which traffic is nuts and public transit is a joke, was a genius move. I’m sure this will work in LA. Will Amazon Fresh work everywhere in the country?

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