2018 In Tech: The Good, The Bad, and Everything Else

So we’re coming to the end of 2018. Things are not boring in the tech and IT service world. So I want to look back at some of 2018 in tech: The Good, The Bad, and Everything Else.

We can’t talk about 2018 in tech without talking about AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics. Let’s look at the good side of AI in 2018. It led to science and medical discoveries. It also led to educational tools and creation. Furthermore, AI helped us explore the moon, planets and other things in space. However, we all learned about AI’s dark side in 2018. Some governments, like China’s are using it to impose their will. Privacy advocates worry it will spy on us 24/7 and infringe on all our rights. Then there is the fear AI will cost, many, many jobs. I’m concerned that major corporations, governments, and even consumers are embracing AI before really thinking about the consequences. Am I right, or is this just paranoia?

Then there is the smartphone race, particularly between Apple and Samsung?In 2018, Apple became the first American company to be worth over one trillion dollars.? They came out with the IPhone XR, XS, and SX Max. While sales did okay, they were still disappointing by Apple’s standards. So let’s look at Samsung. They overcame a lot this year, like exploding phones?and corruption scandals. For example, their Galaxy Note 9 phone exceeded all exceptions. Not only did they run with Apple, but beat them in some instances. In fact, in Q3 2018, Samsung made record profits. They have many tricks up their sleeve for 2019. Will Samsung overthrow Apple in 2019 (I sure hope so!)?

Then there are the world’s two biggest companies: Amazon and Google. Amazon became the second company to be worth a trillion dollars. It established cashier-free stores; it’s also the first company to guarantee a $15 minimum wage. But the real highlight of the year is establishing their second headquarters. They chose three places: Queens in New York City, Arlington, Virginia in Metro DC, and Nashville, Tennessee. Google celebrated their 20th anniversary with mixed results. Yes, they gave us Google Hub and came out with an awesome auto answering service. However, many criticized them (myself included) of enabling China’s censorship ambitions. Then there were sexual misconduct scandals and the $5 billion fine by the European Union. How will Google overcome these issues in 2019?

I can go on and on about 2018. For example, 2018 in tech is a time that I’m sure Space X wants to remember. However, 2018 in tech is a time I’m sure Facebook wants to forget. But I want to hear from you. What does 2018 in tech mean to you?

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