Was 2013 A Tech Successful Year?

I tell you one thing it wasn’t in the technology world, and that was boring. Often, tech based stories have dominated the mainstream, from the NSA revelations to the Bitcoin boom. But was it a successful one?

Some critics will answer no. That’s simply because certain Samsung and Apple products didn’t live up to the promised hype, or so they say. Add ?problems with new products like Apple’s fingerprint problems and certain Xbox one games being seriously delayed. Some say progress has slowed down this year. Some still complain Apple has been dropping the apple since Steve Jobs passed back in 2011.

I must respectfully disagree with these assessments. So 2013 wasn’t the most tech revolutionary year of our lifetime. But a lot of good came out of it. Now, thanks to Apple, one can get a decent computer phone for under $100. Xbox made a huge comeback and upgrade for a six year period. And about those delayed games: when they do come out, for the most part, it will be worth the wait. And it wouldn’t surprise me that by this time in 2014, Bitcoin will be a household name. And what about the wristwatch now being released? Who would have predicted that a few years back? I think 2013 has seen a great deal in tech advancement. It may not be as fast as everyone wants it, but we’re still going forward, not backward. Have we become so spoiled by rapid tech advancement that we panic at even a hint of a slowdown?

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