You Tube’s Options

Good news: One day you can have a You Tube with no commercials or any other advertising. Bad news: You’ll be the one paying for it.

You Tube CEO Susan Wojcicki is working around the clock to make this social medium a better place. One option includes ad-free service. It would be up to the customer to decide whether deal with advertisers or pay a monthly fee for no ads at all. In May 2013, You Tube allowed channels to sell either videos or subscriptions. For example, if a TV show wants to put reruns for the previous season, they can charge .99 cents per episode or $9.99 for the season. She also talked about the relationship between You Tube and it’s parent company, Google, and other ways You Tube can make profits. Another thing Ms. Wojociki noticed it You Tube is being uploaded from smartphones and mobile devices at least half the time. As of today, You Tube attracts over a billion visitors a month, and has made over 5.6 billion dollars in ad revenue alone in the last year alone.

I bring this up because it’s obvious ad revenue is paramount to You Tube’s success and has been for throughout the company’s nine year history. So for those of us (I’m talking to myself) fearing we’re all going to have to pay for You Tube, I wouldn’t worry. They’re smart enough to know not to let this good thing go. I understand how some are tired of the ads and would rather pay out of pocket. And I appreciate paying for subscriptions for certain shows. But You Tube needs to keep that advertising option open. Keep in mind these are just options being thrown around, except for channel and video subscriptions. Nothing is set in stone. These are just You Tube’s options. What do you think of these options and how would you make You Tube, already good, even better?

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